2 Bedroom 2 Bath Private Residence Overlooking Lake.  Located on a private gated property.  Residence includes full kitchen, one bathroom with shower, one bathroom with shower and bathtub, fireplace, outdoor jacuzzi and all rooms have beautiful view of the property.


Price includes overnight accomodations for 4 people and a non-refundable cleaning fee of $65.00


*Additional Guests $25 per person 

**Horse turnout available for additional fee of $25 per horse

Parkman Ranch Getaway

  • Horse turnout available (up to 2 horses) additional fee of $25 per horse. (To add the use of the turnout, select and pay the seperate turnout option)


  • If more than 4 people will be utilizing the property, there will be an additional $25 fee per person. Please select and pay the seperate option to add guests.

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